Monday, December 14, 2015

So I am slightly freaking out right now.

Wanna know why? Sure you do. Well its because I have a daughter! I am training a new missionary right now! Well....tomorrow. I have to pick her up in the mission office. You can't even imagine how much I'm freaking out right now. I lack so many things! How can I train her? My Spanish is not even well polished to begin with. My oh my! Please pray for my little missionary child! But anyway, Heavenly Father have plans for me and this area. I know that my new companion will help me learn more and grow. I am just a little flustered because I barely have 8 months in here! Why so fast! hahahaha But anyway, Ill stop whining now and stop exaggerating things.

I am fasting my emails to all of you because I will Skype with you all soon (well my family hahaha). And I dont have too much time because were going to make empanadas! We gotta hurry or the stores will close down. In the afternoon no one, I mean, NO ONE, is on the streets during 2-5:50 PM here. Siesta is great. But I dont like it when the stores are closed. But anyway, I love Argentina hahaha! But more than anything I love all of you! BYE!


I don't have too much time to update you all but great things happened this week :) We met great investigators who have like full potential to be part of the true church of Jesus Christ! HAHA. And the greatest thing is, THEY ARE MARRIED! Its like a miracle here because almost everyone are not married. So pheeew for this divine family! 

Also it has been raining a lot this week, so it was a blessing for us because almost everyone let us in (because we looked like wet kittens on the street, who doesn't want to adopt us, right?). The weather here has been a bit bipolar. Hows the weather back home? Freezing, huh? I totally forgot that it was Thanksgiving. So HAPPY THANKSGIVING ERRBODY!

Anyway funny thing this week. Guess who I saw in Liahona! Yup. My bruh Moroni De Moors! I was reading about how to have a happy family and all to help my investigators for family home evening then WABAM! My man Moroni reading the scriptures like a good boy! HAHA! It was hilarious.

Anyway, don't have too much time but I lalalove you all!
Hermana Garcia

Monday, November 30, 2015

"The mosquitos here love the blood of American people."

Well hello there people of the internet! How is it going? I hope all is well where you are at! I am pretty good over this side of the continent. Other than having diarrhea, blood bank of mosquitoes, and getting rejected a lot, all is well hahaha!

Anywaaaaay! Yes, I have diarrhea and I am not ashamed to say it! Im loud (in the bathroom) and I am proud! Will my blog be banned for this? Nah! Hahaha. But anyway, this is my first time getting diarrhea in the mission field. Apparently our water tank is dirty and the owner of the apartment that we are in needs to have someone to clean it. Even though we have a filter for the water that we drink, the water is still a bit dirty and it is making all of us sick. But its pretty hilarious because when someone needs to go to the bathroom were all saying "May the force be with you" or "Exitos!" It has been a pretty hilariously disturbing week hahaha! (Sorry for the details)

Another thing is wow oh wow, the mosquito repellent doesn't work here! My legs looks like connect the dot! Its horrible! But I just made the best out of it. My compañera and I were trying to find constellations or images from the mosquito bites that we had. I have missionary legs right now and its just pretty hilarious. "Them legs though!"

Anyway, we dint have a lot of success this week. We were traveling a lot for Zone and district conferences, conference with Elder Cook, and trips to the clinic for our health problems. It has been a bit of a struggle. But we are starting this campaign about Christmas, since Christmas is like a few nights away, right? It has been working pretty well, but some days not. But we are working all our might to help God build his kingdom here on earth!

Pretty cool thing that I did this week was that I was able to be a translator for someone! We had a good amount of new missionaries that arrived this transfer. Its their first time having zone conferences and it just happens to be conference with our mission President and his wife! Wow, I remembered when it was my first time attending zone conferences, it was overwhelming! Anyway, I was able to help this Elder understand what was going it. It was pretty cool! Poor Elder though because there were times that I thought I was speaking in English but in reality I was talking in Spanish! Pretty hilarious! He was like,"uhmm... Hermana, youre speaking in Spanish." hahaha! I still have a lot to work on with my Spanish speaking abilities but its waaaaay better now than before! Man, I am super grateful for this opportunity to learn how to speak Spanish! It also made me realize that English is a pretty difficult language.... Oh and I am teaching English! Poor students! Pray for them! And for me too! hahaha!

I lalalove you all!
Hermana Garcia

Update #31: Fotos de la Misión Argentina Salta

For more photos, visit:
this dropbox link

Conferrence con Elder Cook

Well hello there lovely people! How is it going? Anyway, this week has been super tiring but awesome at the same time. Anyway like I said last week, Elder Cook visited us this last Saturday! It was soooo soooo sooo AMAZING!
Firstly we took a photo with him. President Chaparro and his wife organized all of us so that we all look dashing. Then he asked us to sing a hymn to invite the spirit. We sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" and "I am a Child of God". While we were singing the spirit was just super strong. I wanted to cry by then but I cant because I have to look good in the photo! hahaha Anyway, while we were singing Elder Cook and his wife, and other leaders of Latin America drove in. They said thank you to us and also said how a dashing group we all are. Then we walked in the sacrament hall but before we all sat down we shook their hands. Elder Cook said that it was so great to shake our hands and look us on the eye. He said its like a mini interview! It was just so great. One Elder said that he will never wash his hand ever again. Hahaha!

Then after that the leaders talked to us mostly about how to develop Chris-like attributes, how to become the missionaries our Heavenly Father wants us to be,  and also the power of the Book of Mormon. It has just been a spirit filled talks. Elder Cook told us missionaries that we are branch builders. We are here in our mission fields to help the Lord build his kingdom.

We are called because God trusts us and have great confidence in us. Then Elder Cook ended with his (super strong) testimony about how the church is true and how hes a witness that Christ lives. It was just BOOOM the spirit filled the whole room so strong. Then he left us with a promise that when we do our part and work as much as we can do to build Gods kingdom, we will be blessed. Not just us but also our families back home and also our families in the future. I was just bawling my eyes out. Like a little baby!
Elder Cook also mentioned that we are specifically called here in Argentina because there are specific people who are waiting for our testimony. Or because we have to be around this group of people or because the people in our area needed our influence. Or because the mission president and his wife needed our help or vice versa. We are called here in Salta Argentina Mission because they can see what we will be in the future. The mission will influence our lives and will help us on what we will be in the future. It was just super great and motivating!

I remembered when I was working on my missionary papers I had this strong feeling that I will serve in Argentina. A lot of people said that I will probably serve in Temple Square, California, or even back in the Philippines. But nope. I knew from the start that I am needed in Argentina! And I have been serving the people here for 7 months! Time flew by so fast! Anyway, it was just a fun filled motivating reunion.
Another great thing about this reunion was that we were able to reunite as a mission. All of us missionaries in Salta! I was able to see my eternal friends from my other zones and districts! I was also able to see my mami! Hermana Maciel! It was just so sweet to see her again before she ends her mission in 4 weeks! I also saw my group/generation. The missionaries that came with me in Salta. They are all fabulous and just filled with such light! I am so happy to see all of them again. I was also able to see my other compañeras. Ah it was just so great! It eased the pain of geting rejected the whole week haha! But onward christian soldier, right?

So if any of you out there who are reading this journal entry, if you are thinking about serving a mission, read D&C 4. Then pray and fast about it. Talk to your bishop but more than anything talk to our Heavenly Father. And for the returned missionaries out there, we dont need to have a tag on to preach the gospel :) There are also people waiting for your testimony out there. Just like in the mission field but now at home.

I love each and everyone of you! And I know with all my heart that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church. That the Book of Mormon is the word of God. That Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet who guides and helps us so that we can return back to our Heavenly Father. And I share all of these things humbly in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Chrsit, Amen.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Update #29

Well hello there lovelies. Thanks for stopping by and stalking me. Haha kidding! Anyway, what happened this week? A lot of good things. First of all, I lalalove my new area. Its super fun! Also because my compañera and I are like the best of friends so it makes things so much more better.

We burned brownies this week, which is hilariously sad.

Oh and I also have my own vegetable store here in Metan. Who knew, right? I have a lot of family here so I gotta work hard and baptize all of them! hahaha 

Anyway, this week flew by so fast! We had our branch conference this weekend and it was super great.  The leaders focused a lot on missionary work and eternal families. I also had the chance to meet the rest of the members here in the branch. Its such a cozy little branch and I love it already! There are still a lot of things to work on but that's why were here!

This Saturday Elder Cook will visit us, which is super awesome. All of us missionaries will gather to hear his talk. It will be super spiritual.

My invitation for all of you who are reading this is to read the Book of Mormon before Christmas! Its my goal too :) Remember, you too have to pay your daily tithing, AKA 2 hours and 45 minutes of your time to the Lord!

Love you lots,
Hermana Garcia

Salta la Linda!

Well hello there friends. I am here in my super brand new area right now. I'm in Salta, Metan. The place is way different from my old area. Its much more greener hahaha! But I love it already. My compañera and I live with other two missioneras. Let me tell you one thing, it is so fun! Its my first time living with another set of missionaries. At first I taught it would be a bit chaotic and messy (it kinda is) but I love it because were just all chaotic together hahaha But when it gets to studying and personal time, its business time. Everyone is focused.

My new compañera is Hermana Lugo. Shes from Nicaragua. Shes the only member in her family! Shes so valiant to serve a mission and be a great example to her family. I love her already shes so funny and we just hit it off really fast.  She always have these hilarious jokes and is just the sunshine in the rainy days of Metan.

It was a bit hard to leave my first area. I was serving there for 6 months and it was just hard to let it go (insert frozen song here jaja!). Its like I am from Santiago del Estero. It was like I was originally born there. I know the streets at the back of my hand, I even know where I can buy cheaper goods! The members didn't want to see me go, they were asking the mission president to let me stay! Hahaha. Oh how I love the people in my area. The members cried, I cried, even the dogs cried! It was a pretty hard break off session. But I know that I should go where the Lord wants me to go. I know that there are people who are waiting for me here in Metan. Now, I am just so happy that I had the privilege to serve the people of Santiago del Estero. Now I am off to embark and serve the people of Metan. Super excited to but into work what I learned for these past few months!

Also another sad but great thing was a good amount of the people in my Zone are on their way home right now! Man, I am just horrible at saying goodbye. We were all in the same bus ride but I got off first because my area was so much more closer than the mission office. It was sad. Like the Niagara Falls left Canada and went here in Metan. I was just bawling my eyes out. My little family is on their way to their family! I'm happy but sad at the same time haha. Man, these people are my besties not only here in the mission but for eternity. 

I lalalove each and everyone of you! Stay safe and when you see yellow snow, its not lemon flavored, trust me!

With all the love that I can give,
Hermana Garcia

Monday, October 19, 2015

I cant sing High School Musical anymore

This week has been a challenge (like every other week, haha!) But this week we battled so much about being exactly obedient. It was what we were working on as a zone these past few weeks. And you know what? It was haaaaard. Not because I'm naturally a rebellious kid (you can ask my mom about that, but shed probably say that I am haha!). But when we made a goal to be exactly obedient, Satan has been throwing us some challenges to face. Like we are needed in an activity in church but it ends pretty late so we had to leave early so we can get home in time or the members were watching harmless church movies (like the best two years) and they wanted to watch with us or even worse, the neighborhood has been blasting songs "del mundo" like Bon Jovi, High School Musical, FALL OUT BOY and we cant sing these songs. Small things, right? But it affects a lot in the field. I like what one of our leaders told us about obedience. "We receive blessings as long as we are obedient. But we see miracles when we are exactly obedient." Its really true. Just like what it says in D&C 130:21 "And when we obtain any blessings from God, it is by obedience to that law up on which it is predicated." And when we are obedient, God is obligated to bless us (D&C 82:10). Imagine when we are exactly obedient. Miracles can happen.

I also learned the power of priesthood blessing this week. I wasn't taking good care of my health because of stress and just the heat of Santiago del Estero- which can reach up to 130F. My body just collapsed and was like, "Nope. Bye Hermana Garcia. You're not going to make it today!" Vertigo happened, dehydration happened, low blood pressure happened, just the whole meal. But I am so grateful because all the members here are so loving and helped my compañera and I go through everything. They gave us food, sent us hugs, called their family who worked in the hospital so that I didn't have to wait very long in the hospital. They called specialist to help me with my vertigo. The priesthood holders gave me a blessing. I just feel so blessed. Heavenly Father blessed me so much. Blessed me to have such a loving family here in my area. I am going to cry like a baby in two weeks. I dont like transfers! hahaha All is well right now. Don't worry. I am well taken care of :)

With all the love that I can give,
A healthy Hermana Garcia

Monday, October 12, 2015

So many things to do. So little time.

So this week has been pretty chill. It just flew by so fast. To be honest, I don't even remember much that happened because I'm just up and about trying to work as much in the limited time that we have everyday. One thing that I learned this week. We have so many people to teach and wanted to teach but so little time! At times it gives me anxiety that I cant visit other people. But its cool. Im working how to calm my nerves this week hahaha!

Great thing though, I learned how to cook meals here. Like for real. I would send photos but the computer that I'm using is Windows 98 and it cant read my camera. But I will send the evidence as fast as the internet speed in Argentina can manage.

Sorry I lied. I didn't blew you away. But it fooled you, huh? Satan is the same. Don't fall for his tricks!

With all the love that I can give,
Hermana Garcia

185 Conferencia General

OOOH man oh man. I don't even know where to start. First of, General Conference in the mish is so much more amazing than watching it at home! To make everything even awesomer (yes,I am aware that is not a word but I am lacking some vocabulary terms. Forgive me! haha) is that I watched the conference in Spanish! And I understand everything that they said! (Well, maybe almost all of it).

 So here are my favorite things that I learned in the conference: 

    By Elder Von Keetch: I liked his talk a lot because it talks about keeping the commandments. Yes, a lot of us thinks that the commandments are barriers that hinders us from doing the things that we do. But you now what? Gods commandments are like baby fences. You know, those barriers that you put at the play pen so that babies wont wander around the house and hurt themselves. Its exactly like baby fences. Heavenly Father gave us commandments so that were not going to hurt ourselves. Those "barriers" are protection to keep us safe and happy. Because that what we really want, right? To be safe and happy :) Like it says in Mosiah 2:41. Its says, " And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember, remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it."
    Then I also love what President Russell Nelson talked about. He talked about how us women, have a great influence in the church and the people around us. One thing I want to share. Alma 48:11. It says, "
     11 And Moroni was a strong and a mighty man; he was a man of a perfect understanding; yea, a man that did not delight in bloodshed; a man whose soul did joy in the liberty and the freedom of his country, and his brethren from bondage and slavery;

     12 Yea, a man whose heart did swell with thanksgiving to his God, for the many privileges and blessings which he bestowed upon his people; a man who did labor exceedingly for the welfare and safety of his people.

     13 Yea, and he was a man who was firm in the faith of Christ, and he had sworn with an oath to defend his people, his rights, and his country, and his religion, even to the loss of his blood.  All of us should be like Moroni. My life goal is to be a Moroni and marry a Moroni HAHAHA! Yes, yes I know. The tag covers the heart. But I can start planning now, right?

Well my people of Zion. Let us work hard to build a better future for the generations to come!

With all the love that I can give,
Hermana Garcia

Eter 12:27

My oh my. This week was probably the hardest week of my mission so far. My compañera and I doesn't speak much Spanish and its just super hard to teach. It seems like when we teach, our investigators doesn't understand as much as we want them to understand (because we cant explain the material really well). Its just so sad and frustrating at times. I used to rely so much with my other compañeras who knows the language really well. Sometimes I just sat there and let them teach the lesson and I can just testify that all my compañera said is true. But now? Man oh man. I am talking as much as I used to. Its such a change of scene and I am just so boggled by it at times.
This week was hard but I am grateful because I am able to grow and see my weaknesses. It has been a great battle this week but all is well. All is well. This week was just super hard and it made me realize how much I have to work to be the missionary my Heavenly Father wants me to be.

With all the love that I can give,
Hermana Garcia

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mision Santiago Cabildo

Guess what?! I'm still in Santiago Cabildo! Hahaha anyway we have transfers today but I was not part of it because I'm going to be here in my first area for another 6 weeks. I already have 4.5 months in here. I will spend 1/3 of my mission in my first area! De diez! I am happy though because I just lalalove the people in here. We have a good amount of investigators that I want to help and there's just something here that is waiting for me. I just know it. There's a reason why I'm here in this area. I just need to find out what it is or who it is.

But anyway, my new compañera is Hermana McKnight! Shes from la ciudad de pecadores, AKA Las Vegas hahahaha! Ella es un amor. Shes so nice and just super cool! I'm so excited to work with her!

Hermana Stewart is the hermana lider in Tucuman Centro and just had 6 weeks here in the area. It was so sad because we all thought that its going to be me who's going to move into a different area. So yesterday, I took photos with the members and was saying goodbye to everyone but it was actually her that needs to move to another area! It was just sad. Super sad.

Super determined to work and plant more seeds of faith in this area. LETS GO!

With all the love that I can give,
Hermana Garcia
Mission Argentina Salta

Week of Success!

To be honest, it took me a while to write success because my English, Tagalog, and Castellano are just hurting my head right now. But anyway, My compañera and I have been planting and nourishing the vineyard of the Lord here in Santiago. We met 18 new people to teach and they all look promising! Its a little sad because I'm probably going to be in a different area. I'm praying that I'm going to stay here because I just love the people of Cabildo and this area just have some great potential to grow and just stand firm in the gospel. But then I know that there are people in other areas that needs my help. So I'm just going to leave it all to God. He knows where I need to be. 

We were in the bus when we saw one of our tarjeta that we give to people that we talk to on the street! Missionaries are everywhere!

Nothing much happened today. We just worked worked worked! 

Mic drop,
Hermana Garcia
Mision Argentina Salta

Monday, September 7, 2015

Pics that didn't make it from the previous entries


Stolen Memories

So well. Satan has been torturing me since like day one in the mish. I think this is the worst of the worst that happened so far. SOMEONE STOLE MY SD CARD LAST MONDAY WHEN I WAS IN THE CYBER PLACE! I have been such a debbie downer the whole week because all of my photos so far in the mish was in that SD card. ALL OF THEM! I have been sooooo careful with my belongings. And some of you know that I freak out when something is missing. Even if its my pen! But anyway, I gotta put my big girl pants on and and stop whining. Satan wants me to be distracted and feel bad. But you know what Satan!? Jokes on you! I am happy because the person who stole my SD card probably needs it more than I do. So its cool. And maybe that person will look through my photos and wonder why I am so happy, why I am with so many different people, and why do I have a name tag that says Hermana Garcia La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias! S/he will be so curious and search about the church and one day will get baptized! SO HA! You got nothing on me!

I learned so many things about this experience. It was hard to get over it- knowing that I am super particular and OCD with my belongings. But prayer works wonders. I was comforted that everything will be alright. Its not the end of the world, you know? And I can make more memories here in the mission field. So all is well in Zion. Plus, my friends in the MTC and my past compañeras pretty much have the same photos that I do, so I didn't lose too much pictures :) I am just grateful that I am able to overcome this challenge once again. Satan just works hard to put me down. But jokes on him!

Anyway, on the good note. We have been working a lot of members here in our barrio. We don't have a bishop right now because he have to move for his job. So right now we are looking for another worthy priesthood who can replace him. It looks like it might take a while. But its okay! We are patient and diligent to work as a barrio to help the people in this area to come closer unto Christ! We have amigos fields here. They're awesome! His name is Oscar and he accompany us like 3 times a week and early in the morning too! Then we have Alan too. Hes preparing to go on a mission and has been a mighty mini missionary! So grateful for all of these people who are so excited to do missionary work!

The Holy ghost is the bomb to (sorry for the lack of vocabulary). We met 3 families. THREE! The greatest thing about it is that, we didn't even plan to visit their street or knock on their door. My compañera and I just had this feeling that, "oh we have to knock on this door" or "lets walk on this street instead of our usual route". Its just such a great feeling when you listen to the spirit and sees how the Lord helps us find his children who are ready to listen to the gospel. Being a missionary is the best thing ever!

My invitation for all of you out there who are reading this entry is to write in your journal or think about one or two good things that happened to you today. Sure there are a good amount of trials that we face everyday, but there are always some blessings that Heavenly Father gives us every single day. So turn that frown upside down!

With all the love that I can give,
Hermana Garcia 

Baby, its..... SUPER HOT OUTSIDE!

In comes the heat of the sun and goodbye to the cold winter days.

Anyway, when the members were been talking about how lucky I am that I am here during the winter season, I was like, "Whats the big fuss about?" But man oh man! Now I know why! The heat of the sun here is suuuuuper hot! Talk about 112 degrees on a normal day. NORMAL DAY. Like what? They said It can be higher than that too. And to think that were still in the spring season. Whew! Santiago, you never fail to amaze me.

Anyway, this here in the side of the continent, other than being hot, its super cool as well (spiritual wise haha). We recently just had out satellite broadcast multi-stake conference with Uruguay and Paraguay. Elder Cook, Hales, and Rodriguez (of the Seventy) were present and gave their testimony about the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy, missionary work, and matrimony (EEEEK!). The church has really been emphasizing a lot with these three topics

I love Elder Cook´s talk when he said that we should focus on the list that we can do during Sunday and not the list of what we cannot do. He also talked about not judging people who do not have the same lists that we do. We are here to love one another, right? For Elder Hales, I loved when he said the importance of prayers. There are 3 different kinds of prayers that we should do everyday. 1- Personal prayers.2- Companionship Prayers (AKA pray with your husband and wives). and lastly 3- Family Prayers. So I am inviting all of you (whoever is reading this) to focus on the list of what you can do every Sunday (ie. read your scriptures, spend time with your family, etc.) and to not just do your personal prayers but also pray as a couple and as a family! I promise that as you do these things you family will be stronger and will be built in a firm foundation of the gospel :)

Keep stay cool on that side of the continent.

With tons of love,
Hermana Garcia

PS: I super dark right now its not even real. My tan lines are also super funny. I have a watch tan and a ring tan. They call it missionary tan over here hahaha! Also, I have tons of bug bites on my leg. The mosquitoes here are immune to BUG SPRAY!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Soy un poco "Trunky"

OH NOOOO. Yes. I admit. I'm a little homesick. Its because Argentina feels and looks so much like the Philippines! The weather right now is like summer days in Philly, but the place looks like the Philippines so I'm missing two places at once! I also sprayed sunscreen protection and it made me think of the beach! Man oh man, the battle is real.

But on the good side, I love this week. We worked a lot to the point where we just want to sleep on the floor because we couldn't reach our bed to sleep! Buts its all good because we met a lot of great people that are excited to learn about the gospel. Our members here are also the bomb so I'm super excited to keep pumping them with excitement to do missionary work!

The highlight of the week would be the power of the Holy Ghost. Super grateful for this gift because it helps me understand and know the needs of my investigators. At times, I share things that I didn't even know my investigator needs. Also at times I contact people on the street who needs the gospel. Its just to great to have this gift to help me serve the people around me. I can honestly say that this is the time where I am so much in tune with the Spirit. It feels so great! Man, I love being a missionary! 

Also! We met a member here in our barrio who lives in Ogden Utah! Like whaaaaat?! Shes visiting family here in Santiago for a week. Its so crazy, right? What are the chances! Her family is not a member so she gave us references. De diez!! Hahahaha!

Keep staying fresh my favorite people!

With lots of love,
Hermana García

An Answered Prayer

So my training session is over and this is like the real deal now. I'm sort of like the senior companion now- since I know the place more than my compañera. I'm in charge of planning where were going to go and what lesson were going to teach. At first it was pretty overwhelming because I got used to relying to my mami in the mish (bless her soul for keeping up with me for the past 3 months!) But all is well in Zion because my trainer raised me well. Im glad to say that we didn't get lost at all! It was a bit odd being with a new compañera at first because I have been with Hna. Maciel for, like, forever. We've been such great best friends and its was so sad to be apart. However, it has been great as well to be with my new compañera, Hermana Stewart. Man oh man, shes super awesome! I'm learning so many great things from her. She a walking testimony. En serio!

This week has been a bit tough on finding new people to teach because it has been raining a lot. Entonces, this means we cant street contact as much as we would love to. Some of our investigators also haven't been progressing so we've been working hard to figure out how we can help these people come closer to Padre Celestial. It has been a down week but were looking forward on working more this week! 

One of the greatest thing that I learned this for the past few days was working with the people of my area. Not just finding more people to teach but also helping the members to gain and strengthen their testimony about the teachings of Jesus Christ. Like our purpose as missionaries is to help people to come unto Christ. It doesn't mean to only work with new people who doesn't know the gospel- but to also help the members in the church. I love this so much because its true. All of us have more things to improve on and new things to learn everyday. I also love this idea because it helps us, missionaries and members, to work together and invite more people to come unto Christ and learn the plan of happiness!

The highlight of my week would be meeting this less active family. We visited this barrio that we almost never visit when I was in training. But we wanted to go ever though we know nothing about this barrio. To be honest, we really don't have any plans to do in this barrio. Our plan was to only street contact and find new people that we can teach. We asked a member, Hermano Torres, to accompany us since he live in this barrio and know the people here more than we do. When one of our plans failed, I asked him if he have any people in mind that we can visit. So we stopped by this house, he couldn't remember the name of the family and it looked like no ones home. But then these two little hermanas walked behind us and asked whats wrong. They taught that someone robbed their house and were bystanders looking in hahaha! Then she saw my tag and with a super joyous voice, "HERMANAAA!!!" It was our first time meeting each other but she welcomed and hugged me like we were old friends. I love it!
She invited us in and offered to cook for us. She even made her daughter buy more things to feed us. Then she spoke to us saying that shes been praying and praying to God to help her through her difficult times. She doesn't have a job and have been struggling to find ways to have food on the table. But she have so much faith in God that shell be able to find ways to support her family. We have been crying during the lesson! It was such a touching moment for all of us. Its just so hard to explain. She said that were the answer shes been waiting for. That were the blessing that shes been waiting for. Oh man, who wouldn't cry when someone say that to you?

This family is so special to me. I could just feel the love that Heavenly Father have for this family. They have been through a lot but here they are so strong and still fighting! Man, I love being a missionera!

This is my new compañera! Her name is Hermana Stewart. Shes super cool and such a great missionary! Man I'm super blessed to have her as my new companion. I'm learning so much from her!

I have so much more that I would love to say but I don't have so much time. But I just wanted to say that 'Im so grateful for this experience!

May the force be with all of you,
Hermana Garcia

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sorry for the late email! Im alive! No need to fret!

I was at the bus terminal yesterday for 14 hours! FOURTEEN! I was waiting for my new compañera. We didn't know when they were going to arrive because the bus schedules were a little bit off- since it has been raining a lot in here. But anyway, Hermana Steward arrived in Santiago safely :) Shes from....wanna guess where? Shes from Utah! Or as the people here say, "La fabrica de los Mormones" Shes super awesome. I lalalove her already. My first compañera that is not Latina. I want to be like her because shes super awesome!

Hna. Maciel left me for another compañera. jajaja! Shes in another province right now. Time flew by super fast! I miss her so much but I know that a lot of people are waiting for her in her new area. I learned so many things with Hna. Maciel and I know that I will learn more things with Hna. Stewart.

Im a little bit nervous because now I'm handling the area. I dont know if I can handle it well but I know that I am not alone :) Anyway, I'm super excited for this new companionship. Were going to work diligently and see a lot of miracles in the area!

Crazy thing that happened

My debit card stopped working like right when I got here so most of the time I have no money to survive hahaha *laughing with tears* But anyway I had to rely to my compañeras debit card. Then one day her card also stopped working so we were like pobresitas for the week. We prayed and prayed to have money and for our cards to start working. Then when we tried again to see if we can withdrawl money, we have like 8 thousand in the card! Like thats too much for the both of us combined! So anyway, we called our pensionista and he said he doesn't know how it got there and why we have so much. But man oh man, God loves us and sent so much blessings for us to survive. Its kind of like how he sends us blessings you know? When you ask diligently and is super obedient, he will bless you more than you think you deserve. He will open the windows of heaven and bless you sooooooo much!

Monday, July 27, 2015

This email is going to stink a little, literally

Anyway, we changed apartment otra vez porque nuestra pencion tiene popo! Like literally. The building was made poorly so when people flush the toilet above us, the poo poo travels in the tube and for some reason ends up in our apartment. Anyway, right when we finished proselyting for the day, we got home and WABAAAM! POPO EVERYWHERE! No worries, I didnt cry. Dora is super valiente! So we called our people to fix our things and to help us move. So we changed our apartment and now were in the first floor. Its way cleaner and a bit bigger than the old one. But hold your horses! We dont have gas! For 3 days now. So its safe to say that I havent showered for 3 days. Soy una pecadora. No gas means no agua caliente! Pero I had enough so I showered today. COLD SHOWERS FOR THE WIN!  Its cool, the cold never bothered me anyway *HAIR FLIP*

Its a bit sad in this side of the continent. We have like tons of investigators to teach but one of them have the desire to attend church! So a lot of baptismal dates pero no puede porque necesitan asistencias!!! Pero esta bien porque nosotras trabajamos muy diligente. My spanish is still horrible like grammar wise pero! Muchas personas dicen mi castellano es mejor! Era muy chistosa porque cuando es mi turno para hablar en el telefono los personas no saben si es mi compañera o yo :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Baby Its Cold Outside

This week has been better than last week. We had members who accompanied us the whole week! Talk about a successful week, eh? Since its summer here, most of the members are on a vacation to visit families in different barrios. So we weren't able to eat with them this week. This gave us a chance to cook! I am super grateful that my mom insist that I help her in the kitchen before I got here in the field (also kudos to my YW Personal Progress!) Because wheeeew! If not, i wouldn't be a master chef like I am right now hahaha. Anyway, my compañera is Mexican so guess who had Mexican food? And guess who loves Mexican food? YES ME!! The closest thing to Chipotle that i will ever get in here hahahhaah POTLE FOR LIFE!

Also, baby its cold outsiiiide! Its freezing in this side of the continent! But then when afternoon rolls by, its pretty warm so have no fear!

Sorry wala masyadong time! I love you all!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Okay this week has been a roller coaster ride because we have been having problems with our apartment. But all is well in Zion because we have awesome members who has been helping us through and through. Also because I know that Satan has been super scared of me. He knows that I am on a mission to search my brothers and sisters and teach them the gospel! So now hes figuring out ways to stop me from proselyting! So 50 points to Griffindor for being courageous and diligent!

Funny thing this week: So I have been experimenting on my language goals and whatnot. Being trilingual is pretty cool and difficult at the same time hahaha As I am learning Spanish, more Tagalog words are making sense. Also my English is slowly deteriorating. I have been having some difficulties remembering English words (which I think is great because I substitute them with Spanish). The lanugage is still difficult but its improving. This week a good amount of people thought Im from Peru or Spain because they said my Spanish is different. My companion also said that Im improving. PRAYER WORKS! hahaha!

Another funny story. I'm the angel of our activity in church this past Saturday. The angel who welcomes the people in the Celestial Kingdom. I mean, who else is a better option right? haha Kidding. Humility. Still working on it. HAHAHA! Anyway we had this church activity, Trip to Hawaii! Some members thought that I was from Hawaii because I looked like Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.

Which leads me to another funny thing, so I either look like Lilo or Dora the explorer. 3 people said I look like Dora this week. To make things worse, I have this huge bag pack all the time hahahahha! So I AM DORA DE EXPLORADORA!

Super stressful week but also super grateful. All is well in Zion!

With lots of love,
Hermana Garcia

Uh oh. Im twenty one!

*Insert EYE OF THE TIGER song here* Yeah, this week is legit. It has been a super hard week because Satan has been annoying. Other than the frigid weather, and the constant cancellations of our appointments, our members are also too busy to accompany us. Other than that, I feel like my castellano us declining! Man oh man. This week has been tough too because its my moms birthday (and mines too, if you didn't know). So Ive been missing the land of the free ('MURICA) this week. Which is a no no because I should focus on the work. BUT! Great things happened this week too. We met two families who are super awesome and were so excited to learn about the gospel. Both families cried because they felt the spirit so strong! They were like, "You missionaries are angels." I mean, i already know that. I mean, look at this face. I'm super angelic. Kidding. Ill work on Humility as my Christ-like attribute this week. HAHAHA!
For my birthday a member invited us to eat with them (like every Sunday. Im super spoiled here!). Hermana Silvetti baked me a chocolate cake! It was super rico and I lalaloved every single crumb. And my compañera was super hilarious. The morning of my birthday she started singing Happy Birthday, in a really dorwsy voice, and then she was like, ¨"Okay, now lets pray... Amado Padre Celestial.." It already made my day hahaha!
Anyway my people of the interweb who's stalking me right now. I just wanted to say that the church is true and the book is blue!
Stay golden and keep staying fresh!

*Mic Drop*
Hermana Garcia

PS- Another funny event this week, people have been either calling me Rocky Balboa (because I'm from Philly) or Manny Pacquioa (because I'm from the Philippines) Both boxers ya know? They know not to mess with me. KIDDING!

Monday, June 22, 2015


Other than gaining weight, I am gaining so much knowledge in here.

Funny thing that happened this week. We are quite popular in here and this is why. Whenever were walking on the street to visit investigators, we would always hear, "Mami! La Iglesia!" These little kids playing on the street would yell and tell their parents that were here to visit them. Its the funniest thing ever. It happens all the time. Man, it brightens my day so much haha!

We were tracting one day and no one was outside at all. Its like Racoon City. It was dead. Then we finally realized that there was a football game and everyone was watching it. They're super huge in football here like we are with American Football. Brother Huber wasn't lying when he told me that no one will be around the teach haha!

This week has been the best so far. We had like 4 investigators who attended church. Two of them were disabled so they had to get a ride from a member and one of them was in this electric wheelchair so the member had to lift him up and down the whole time from the car to the chapel. Man, the members here are so awesome. I'm so thankful for all of their effort and love for our new investigators. They were all so willing to help and just make them feel so comfortable. Its such a humbling experience.

Also our member here are so protective of us. At night they would accompany us and make sure that we got to our apartment safely. Were super spoiled too because they feed us like so much. The gaaaains!

PS- I finally understand what Brother Debenham (sorry if I butchered your name) was talking about when he was explaining the facturas and Dulce de Leche here in Argentina. Its the best thing ever. I eat them like all the time.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

To Talk Or Not To Talk, That Is The Question

¿Como esta? Whew this week flew by so fast! So what happened this week? Nothing much. Its kind of depressing actually because it felt like my language skills are not improving but my lovely and oh so patient compañera said that I'm getting way better. We also didn't have any new investigators or investigators who attended church :( Sundays are stressful because of the nerves. We don't know if they will come to church or not. But it doesn't stop me from inviting and helping them return back and remember their loving Heavenly Father!

We had a zone conference this week. It was super fun. It's kind of like mini devotional! We talked about talking to everyone, like EVERYONE. I still get scared to just randomly speak to people because 8/10 they dont understand me and 15/10 I don't know that they replied to me. But guess whaaaat?! That day we talked to and invited 37 people!!! I mean, its not much but its a big jump for us! Hooooraaaay!

Funny thing that happened this week. It's fast Sunday so we fasted Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Hna. Maciel said that whenever we fast, people will offer us delicious food or just give us food in general. And yep. It happened. A lot. This recently converted family offered us this super delicious bread but we had to turn it down (my heart was broken. I love food. I never say no to food, you know?!). Then this less active member gave us this whole package of milk (milk here is not liquid like from a cow but its powdered like from the factory. LOL). Then this man that we invited to church, who happens to be the owner of the well known bakery shop (that sells super awesome bread), gave us like 30 medialunas and 5 facturas. Like oooooh my lanta, the temptation was real. I didn't budge though so score for Hna. Garcia and none for you Gretchen Weiners (name that movie).

I lalalove each and everyone of you! Stay awesome and if things get tough, just laugh it off and eat chocolate or ice cream or both!

Much love,
Hna. Garcia

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Guess who got bitten by a dog?!

Not me, don´t fret hahahaha but I now figured out the reason why people never walk on the sidewalk. It´s because of the dogs! There´s an Elder in my Zone who got bitten by un perro. The dog reached out and bit his elbow. Isn't that crazy?! So yeah, lesson learned!

Last week has been super crazy. We changed apartments because the dealing with the old one expires. It´s okay though because we moved to a better one. A super brand new one. But that also means that the gas wasn't on yet. Hooray for cold showers! hahaha But all is well in Cabildo.
It was a bit depressing for the past few days because it has been raining a lot and it was cold. Okay but this week has been great, actually. There´s this woman who randomly called us and asked if we can teach her the gospel. Like whuuuuut?! We didn't find her, she found us. Seriously though, Heavenly Father already prepared the people that we´re going to teach. Its so awesome!

This week I´m working on Patience and Humility for my Christ like attribute. Let me tell you, I am so humbled to be serving the people of Cabildo. Their lifestyle is so simple and relaxing. Not like the fast-paced life in the States. They also don't have much but they´re so happy on what they have. It´s such a humbling experience to see that we don't need so many things to make us happy. I love this place. I´m learning so much day by day.

Also for patience, I have been struggling a lot with speaking and understanding Castellano but all is well. President Uchtdorf said in his talk Continue in Patience: Often the deep valleys of our present will be understood only by looking back on them from the mountains of our future experience, Often we cant see the Lord´s hand in our lives until long after trials have passed. Often the most difficult times of our lives are essential building blocks that form the foundation of our character and pave the way to future opportunity, understanding, and happiness.
Things are a little hard but that only means that I´m learning and paving my way to become a better me!

I love each and everyone of you!

Hermana Garcia

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Don't Cry for Me MTC

Get it? High five if you do. If not, change Provo to Argentina and you'll get it. Okay, do you get it now? Ayeeeee! There you go. Pat yourself on the back. You go, you! Hahaha anyway, time is flying by so fast here in the MTC. In four days I'll be leaving on a jet plane to Argentina. Isn't it crazy?! It feels like I just got here! Six weeks flew by so fast. Well they did said that time fly by really fast when you're having fun :)

I'm flying out with the rest of my zone because we're the Argentinian crew. However, when we set foot in Argentina, we'll all take different flights to our mission fields. Thinking about it makes me super emotional. I love these people and it's just to hard to leave when you're super close to someone. It's like leaving your family all over again. The coolest thing about it though is that we didn't meet each other from school, work, or parties. We all met each other through God. We were all called to be here in the MTC and meet each other. Everyone here in my district has a purpose. Hna. Ratliff is here because God knows that she'll tone us down when we get too hyper. Elder Miller is here because God knows that we'll need help to reach high places. Hna. Abernethy is here because God knows that we need to laugh and she's great at making us laugh. We were joking one day and said that we had a little group in the pre-mortal existence. We all planned to be here in the same time so that we can all meet again and wreck havoc in the MTC hahahaha! I love my district so much.

Well we're all going to our respected places soon. Next time I post something in the blog, it'll be about Argentina! Super stoked but also super nervous about it! I hope I have a native companion so that I can practice my Spanish skills like a pro. I heard so many great things about Argentina and I'm super excited to see and experience them myself!

Spreading all the love,
Hermana García

PS- Yesterday at choir we sang a missionary medley. I Hope They Call Me on a Mission, Valiant Servants, Called To Serve, & We'll Bring the World His Truth (Army of Helaman). I almost cried my eyes out but I can't because the camera was roaming around. hahaha! Choir is like a mini devo and the songs that we sings always invite the Spirit.

I love walking to the temple because look! Isn't such a beautiful sight to see?

 Missionary jokes be like.... love it hahaha
 Oh and just because we only have 4 days left we can just be lazy bums. No, this means we have to study more!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Update #6: Two Weeks Left

Oh man. Oh man. Oh man! I only have two weeks left here in the MTC! It's so crazy because it felt like yesterday when I was all awkward and all I can say in Spanish was "Si" and "Como esta". I mean, I'm still kind of awkward but at least I can say more things like, "Padre Celestial nos ama mucho." or "Seigura un ejemplo de Jesucristo al ser bautizado por alguien que posea la autoridad del sacerdocio de Dios?" I'm still horrible at speaking Spanish but I learned recently that I am not going to grow or be able to spread the gospel if I am not going to open my mouth and speak. 

Great things that happened this week:
1. My companion and I was able to Skype with a member in Argentina.
--- One of our routines here is to be able to practice teaching with investigators and members. This week we were able to speak from someone in Argentina! Not in Salta though but in Neuquen. It was so fun because they were so patient with us. They were helping us and just being so awesome. Man, I love Argentina. That experience just made me even more excited to just fly out there and meet all these cool people! Sad thing though, it's going to be winter there. It's cool. The cold never bothered me anyway. *cue Frozen Soundtrack* 
2. We met new people to teach. 
--- My companion and I like to study outside, especially when the weather is great. But this particular day is great because we met this couple! They were looking for other Hermanas that they were supposed to talk to but they weren't there to teach them so I asked if we could teach them instead. Guess what?! They said yes! It was great because they had so many questions and are so willing to find answers. It is just so great to talk to them and teach them what are Heavenly Father's plan for us. We both gave them commitments and we made another appointment! It's just so great to have someone to teach who is not my teacher or assigned investigator. It's just so great to teach someone you seriously just met by accident (though I seriously think it was not an accident but purely intentional. I see you, Heavenly Father. I see you).
3. Baptism Invitations
---- One of the people that we're teaching just accepted our baptismal invitation! Like for real! When he said, "Yes, I will get baptized" I wanted to jump and twirl around. But that'll be awkward and embarrassing so I kept in all in. It was difficult, you know?! This is my first yes! Oh man, and to think that this is a practice too. What if this is a real deal?! We have two more investigators that we are working with and I feel like they will say yes soon too! The church is true and the book is blue!!! 

We're all super excited to get out there and do what we are called to do but at the same time we're freaking out because this is the real thing! It's sad to leave the MTC and leave my new friends but at the same time I'm super stoked to get to Argentina and just preach! 12 more days (not that I'm counting).
 District 21 B and C! We have the coolest zone. We're not even allowed to lie here in the MTC so you know that this is forrizzle. 

 Funniest room mates ever!

With lots of love, 
Hermana Garcia 
Sister Pauline Garcia
Argentina Salta Mission

BTW, We found this pajamas in a random box here in our dorm and it's a perfect fit! Dont you think so? HAHAHAHA