Monday, July 27, 2015

This email is going to stink a little, literally

Anyway, we changed apartment otra vez porque nuestra pencion tiene popo! Like literally. The building was made poorly so when people flush the toilet above us, the poo poo travels in the tube and for some reason ends up in our apartment. Anyway, right when we finished proselyting for the day, we got home and WABAAAM! POPO EVERYWHERE! No worries, I didnt cry. Dora is super valiente! So we called our people to fix our things and to help us move. So we changed our apartment and now were in the first floor. Its way cleaner and a bit bigger than the old one. But hold your horses! We dont have gas! For 3 days now. So its safe to say that I havent showered for 3 days. Soy una pecadora. No gas means no agua caliente! Pero I had enough so I showered today. COLD SHOWERS FOR THE WIN!  Its cool, the cold never bothered me anyway *HAIR FLIP*

Its a bit sad in this side of the continent. We have like tons of investigators to teach but one of them have the desire to attend church! So a lot of baptismal dates pero no puede porque necesitan asistencias!!! Pero esta bien porque nosotras trabajamos muy diligente. My spanish is still horrible like grammar wise pero! Muchas personas dicen mi castellano es mejor! Era muy chistosa porque cuando es mi turno para hablar en el telefono los personas no saben si es mi compaƱera o yo :)

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