Monday, August 17, 2015

Sorry for the late email! Im alive! No need to fret!

I was at the bus terminal yesterday for 14 hours! FOURTEEN! I was waiting for my new compañera. We didn't know when they were going to arrive because the bus schedules were a little bit off- since it has been raining a lot in here. But anyway, Hermana Steward arrived in Santiago safely :) Shes from....wanna guess where? Shes from Utah! Or as the people here say, "La fabrica de los Mormones" Shes super awesome. I lalalove her already. My first compañera that is not Latina. I want to be like her because shes super awesome!

Hna. Maciel left me for another compañera. jajaja! Shes in another province right now. Time flew by super fast! I miss her so much but I know that a lot of people are waiting for her in her new area. I learned so many things with Hna. Maciel and I know that I will learn more things with Hna. Stewart.

Im a little bit nervous because now I'm handling the area. I dont know if I can handle it well but I know that I am not alone :) Anyway, I'm super excited for this new companionship. Were going to work diligently and see a lot of miracles in the area!

Crazy thing that happened

My debit card stopped working like right when I got here so most of the time I have no money to survive hahaha *laughing with tears* But anyway I had to rely to my compañeras debit card. Then one day her card also stopped working so we were like pobresitas for the week. We prayed and prayed to have money and for our cards to start working. Then when we tried again to see if we can withdrawl money, we have like 8 thousand in the card! Like thats too much for the both of us combined! So anyway, we called our pensionista and he said he doesn't know how it got there and why we have so much. But man oh man, God loves us and sent so much blessings for us to survive. Its kind of like how he sends us blessings you know? When you ask diligently and is super obedient, he will bless you more than you think you deserve. He will open the windows of heaven and bless you sooooooo much!