Sunday, August 30, 2015

An Answered Prayer

So my training session is over and this is like the real deal now. I'm sort of like the senior companion now- since I know the place more than my compañera. I'm in charge of planning where were going to go and what lesson were going to teach. At first it was pretty overwhelming because I got used to relying to my mami in the mish (bless her soul for keeping up with me for the past 3 months!) But all is well in Zion because my trainer raised me well. Im glad to say that we didn't get lost at all! It was a bit odd being with a new compañera at first because I have been with Hna. Maciel for, like, forever. We've been such great best friends and its was so sad to be apart. However, it has been great as well to be with my new compañera, Hermana Stewart. Man oh man, shes super awesome! I'm learning so many great things from her. She a walking testimony. En serio!

This week has been a bit tough on finding new people to teach because it has been raining a lot. Entonces, this means we cant street contact as much as we would love to. Some of our investigators also haven't been progressing so we've been working hard to figure out how we can help these people come closer to Padre Celestial. It has been a down week but were looking forward on working more this week! 

One of the greatest thing that I learned this for the past few days was working with the people of my area. Not just finding more people to teach but also helping the members to gain and strengthen their testimony about the teachings of Jesus Christ. Like our purpose as missionaries is to help people to come unto Christ. It doesn't mean to only work with new people who doesn't know the gospel- but to also help the members in the church. I love this so much because its true. All of us have more things to improve on and new things to learn everyday. I also love this idea because it helps us, missionaries and members, to work together and invite more people to come unto Christ and learn the plan of happiness!

The highlight of my week would be meeting this less active family. We visited this barrio that we almost never visit when I was in training. But we wanted to go ever though we know nothing about this barrio. To be honest, we really don't have any plans to do in this barrio. Our plan was to only street contact and find new people that we can teach. We asked a member, Hermano Torres, to accompany us since he live in this barrio and know the people here more than we do. When one of our plans failed, I asked him if he have any people in mind that we can visit. So we stopped by this house, he couldn't remember the name of the family and it looked like no ones home. But then these two little hermanas walked behind us and asked whats wrong. They taught that someone robbed their house and were bystanders looking in hahaha! Then she saw my tag and with a super joyous voice, "HERMANAAA!!!" It was our first time meeting each other but she welcomed and hugged me like we were old friends. I love it!
She invited us in and offered to cook for us. She even made her daughter buy more things to feed us. Then she spoke to us saying that shes been praying and praying to God to help her through her difficult times. She doesn't have a job and have been struggling to find ways to have food on the table. But she have so much faith in God that shell be able to find ways to support her family. We have been crying during the lesson! It was such a touching moment for all of us. Its just so hard to explain. She said that were the answer shes been waiting for. That were the blessing that shes been waiting for. Oh man, who wouldn't cry when someone say that to you?

This family is so special to me. I could just feel the love that Heavenly Father have for this family. They have been through a lot but here they are so strong and still fighting! Man, I love being a missionera!

This is my new compañera! Her name is Hermana Stewart. Shes super cool and such a great missionary! Man I'm super blessed to have her as my new companion. I'm learning so much from her!

I have so much more that I would love to say but I don't have so much time. But I just wanted to say that 'Im so grateful for this experience!

May the force be with all of you,
Hermana Garcia

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