Sunday, June 14, 2015

To Talk Or Not To Talk, That Is The Question

¿Como esta? Whew this week flew by so fast! So what happened this week? Nothing much. Its kind of depressing actually because it felt like my language skills are not improving but my lovely and oh so patient compaƱera said that I'm getting way better. We also didn't have any new investigators or investigators who attended church :( Sundays are stressful because of the nerves. We don't know if they will come to church or not. But it doesn't stop me from inviting and helping them return back and remember their loving Heavenly Father!

We had a zone conference this week. It was super fun. It's kind of like mini devotional! We talked about talking to everyone, like EVERYONE. I still get scared to just randomly speak to people because 8/10 they dont understand me and 15/10 I don't know that they replied to me. But guess whaaaat?! That day we talked to and invited 37 people!!! I mean, its not much but its a big jump for us! Hooooraaaay!

Funny thing that happened this week. It's fast Sunday so we fasted Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Hna. Maciel said that whenever we fast, people will offer us delicious food or just give us food in general. And yep. It happened. A lot. This recently converted family offered us this super delicious bread but we had to turn it down (my heart was broken. I love food. I never say no to food, you know?!). Then this less active member gave us this whole package of milk (milk here is not liquid like from a cow but its powdered like from the factory. LOL). Then this man that we invited to church, who happens to be the owner of the well known bakery shop (that sells super awesome bread), gave us like 30 medialunas and 5 facturas. Like oooooh my lanta, the temptation was real. I didn't budge though so score for Hna. Garcia and none for you Gretchen Weiners (name that movie).

I lalalove each and everyone of you! Stay awesome and if things get tough, just laugh it off and eat chocolate or ice cream or both!

Much love,
Hna. Garcia