Thursday, May 14, 2015

Don't Cry for Me MTC

Get it? High five if you do. If not, change Provo to Argentina and you'll get it. Okay, do you get it now? Ayeeeee! There you go. Pat yourself on the back. You go, you! Hahaha anyway, time is flying by so fast here in the MTC. In four days I'll be leaving on a jet plane to Argentina. Isn't it crazy?! It feels like I just got here! Six weeks flew by so fast. Well they did said that time fly by really fast when you're having fun :)

I'm flying out with the rest of my zone because we're the Argentinian crew. However, when we set foot in Argentina, we'll all take different flights to our mission fields. Thinking about it makes me super emotional. I love these people and it's just to hard to leave when you're super close to someone. It's like leaving your family all over again. The coolest thing about it though is that we didn't meet each other from school, work, or parties. We all met each other through God. We were all called to be here in the MTC and meet each other. Everyone here in my district has a purpose. Hna. Ratliff is here because God knows that she'll tone us down when we get too hyper. Elder Miller is here because God knows that we'll need help to reach high places. Hna. Abernethy is here because God knows that we need to laugh and she's great at making us laugh. We were joking one day and said that we had a little group in the pre-mortal existence. We all planned to be here in the same time so that we can all meet again and wreck havoc in the MTC hahahaha! I love my district so much.

Well we're all going to our respected places soon. Next time I post something in the blog, it'll be about Argentina! Super stoked but also super nervous about it! I hope I have a native companion so that I can practice my Spanish skills like a pro. I heard so many great things about Argentina and I'm super excited to see and experience them myself!

Spreading all the love,
Hermana GarcĂ­a

PS- Yesterday at choir we sang a missionary medley. I Hope They Call Me on a Mission, Valiant Servants, Called To Serve, & We'll Bring the World His Truth (Army of Helaman). I almost cried my eyes out but I can't because the camera was roaming around. hahaha! Choir is like a mini devo and the songs that we sings always invite the Spirit.

I love walking to the temple because look! Isn't such a beautiful sight to see?

 Missionary jokes be like.... love it hahaha
 Oh and just because we only have 4 days left we can just be lazy bums. No, this means we have to study more!

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