Monday, December 14, 2015


I don't have too much time to update you all but great things happened this week :) We met great investigators who have like full potential to be part of the true church of Jesus Christ! HAHA. And the greatest thing is, THEY ARE MARRIED! Its like a miracle here because almost everyone are not married. So pheeew for this divine family! 

Also it has been raining a lot this week, so it was a blessing for us because almost everyone let us in (because we looked like wet kittens on the street, who doesn't want to adopt us, right?). The weather here has been a bit bipolar. Hows the weather back home? Freezing, huh? I totally forgot that it was Thanksgiving. So HAPPY THANKSGIVING ERRBODY!

Anyway funny thing this week. Guess who I saw in Liahona! Yup. My bruh Moroni De Moors! I was reading about how to have a happy family and all to help my investigators for family home evening then WABAM! My man Moroni reading the scriptures like a good boy! HAHA! It was hilarious.

Anyway, don't have too much time but I lalalove you all!
Hermana Garcia

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