Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Baby Its Cold Outside

This week has been better than last week. We had members who accompanied us the whole week! Talk about a successful week, eh? Since its summer here, most of the members are on a vacation to visit families in different barrios. So we weren't able to eat with them this week. This gave us a chance to cook! I am super grateful that my mom insist that I help her in the kitchen before I got here in the field (also kudos to my YW Personal Progress!) Because wheeeew! If not, i wouldn't be a master chef like I am right now hahaha. Anyway, my compaƱera is Mexican so guess who had Mexican food? And guess who loves Mexican food? YES ME!! The closest thing to Chipotle that i will ever get in here hahahhaah POTLE FOR LIFE!

Also, baby its cold outsiiiide! Its freezing in this side of the continent! But then when afternoon rolls by, its pretty warm so have no fear!

Sorry wala masyadong time! I love you all!

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