Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Update #6: Two Weeks Left

Oh man. Oh man. Oh man! I only have two weeks left here in the MTC! It's so crazy because it felt like yesterday when I was all awkward and all I can say in Spanish was "Si" and "Como esta". I mean, I'm still kind of awkward but at least I can say more things like, "Padre Celestial nos ama mucho." or "Seigura un ejemplo de Jesucristo al ser bautizado por alguien que posea la autoridad del sacerdocio de Dios?" I'm still horrible at speaking Spanish but I learned recently that I am not going to grow or be able to spread the gospel if I am not going to open my mouth and speak. 

Great things that happened this week:
1. My companion and I was able to Skype with a member in Argentina.
--- One of our routines here is to be able to practice teaching with investigators and members. This week we were able to speak from someone in Argentina! Not in Salta though but in Neuquen. It was so fun because they were so patient with us. They were helping us and just being so awesome. Man, I love Argentina. That experience just made me even more excited to just fly out there and meet all these cool people! Sad thing though, it's going to be winter there. It's cool. The cold never bothered me anyway. *cue Frozen Soundtrack* 
2. We met new people to teach. 
--- My companion and I like to study outside, especially when the weather is great. But this particular day is great because we met this couple! They were looking for other Hermanas that they were supposed to talk to but they weren't there to teach them so I asked if we could teach them instead. Guess what?! They said yes! It was great because they had so many questions and are so willing to find answers. It is just so great to talk to them and teach them what are Heavenly Father's plan for us. We both gave them commitments and we made another appointment! It's just so great to have someone to teach who is not my teacher or assigned investigator. It's just so great to teach someone you seriously just met by accident (though I seriously think it was not an accident but purely intentional. I see you, Heavenly Father. I see you).
3. Baptism Invitations
---- One of the people that we're teaching just accepted our baptismal invitation! Like for real! When he said, "Yes, I will get baptized" I wanted to jump and twirl around. But that'll be awkward and embarrassing so I kept in all in. It was difficult, you know?! This is my first yes! Oh man, and to think that this is a practice too. What if this is a real deal?! We have two more investigators that we are working with and I feel like they will say yes soon too! The church is true and the book is blue!!! 

We're all super excited to get out there and do what we are called to do but at the same time we're freaking out because this is the real thing! It's sad to leave the MTC and leave my new friends but at the same time I'm super stoked to get to Argentina and just preach! 12 more days (not that I'm counting).
 District 21 B and C! We have the coolest zone. We're not even allowed to lie here in the MTC so you know that this is forrizzle. 

 Funniest room mates ever!

With lots of love, 
Hermana Garcia 
Sister Pauline Garcia
Argentina Salta Mission

BTW, We found this pajamas in a random box here in our dorm and it's a perfect fit! Dont you think so? HAHAHAHA


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