Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Okay this week has been a roller coaster ride because we have been having problems with our apartment. But all is well in Zion because we have awesome members who has been helping us through and through. Also because I know that Satan has been super scared of me. He knows that I am on a mission to search my brothers and sisters and teach them the gospel! So now hes figuring out ways to stop me from proselyting! So 50 points to Griffindor for being courageous and diligent!

Funny thing this week: So I have been experimenting on my language goals and whatnot. Being trilingual is pretty cool and difficult at the same time hahaha As I am learning Spanish, more Tagalog words are making sense. Also my English is slowly deteriorating. I have been having some difficulties remembering English words (which I think is great because I substitute them with Spanish). The lanugage is still difficult but its improving. This week a good amount of people thought Im from Peru or Spain because they said my Spanish is different. My companion also said that Im improving. PRAYER WORKS! hahaha!

Another funny story. I'm the angel of our activity in church this past Saturday. The angel who welcomes the people in the Celestial Kingdom. I mean, who else is a better option right? haha Kidding. Humility. Still working on it. HAHAHA! Anyway we had this church activity, Trip to Hawaii! Some members thought that I was from Hawaii because I looked like Lilo from Lilo and Stitch.

Which leads me to another funny thing, so I either look like Lilo or Dora the explorer. 3 people said I look like Dora this week. To make things worse, I have this huge bag pack all the time hahahahha! So I AM DORA DE EXPLORADORA!

Super stressful week but also super grateful. All is well in Zion!

With lots of love,
Hermana Garcia

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