Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Uh oh. Im twenty one!

*Insert EYE OF THE TIGER song here* Yeah, this week is legit. It has been a super hard week because Satan has been annoying. Other than the frigid weather, and the constant cancellations of our appointments, our members are also too busy to accompany us. Other than that, I feel like my castellano us declining! Man oh man. This week has been tough too because its my moms birthday (and mines too, if you didn't know). So Ive been missing the land of the free ('MURICA) this week. Which is a no no because I should focus on the work. BUT! Great things happened this week too. We met two families who are super awesome and were so excited to learn about the gospel. Both families cried because they felt the spirit so strong! They were like, "You missionaries are angels." I mean, i already know that. I mean, look at this face. I'm super angelic. Kidding. Ill work on Humility as my Christ-like attribute this week. HAHAHA!
For my birthday a member invited us to eat with them (like every Sunday. Im super spoiled here!). Hermana Silvetti baked me a chocolate cake! It was super rico and I lalaloved every single crumb. And my compaƱera was super hilarious. The morning of my birthday she started singing Happy Birthday, in a really dorwsy voice, and then she was like, ¨"Okay, now lets pray... Amado Padre Celestial.." It already made my day hahaha!
Anyway my people of the interweb who's stalking me right now. I just wanted to say that the church is true and the book is blue!
Stay golden and keep staying fresh!

*Mic Drop*
Hermana Garcia

PS- Another funny event this week, people have been either calling me Rocky Balboa (because I'm from Philly) or Manny Pacquioa (because I'm from the Philippines) Both boxers ya know? They know not to mess with me. KIDDING!

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