Monday, August 17, 2015

Sorry for the late email! Im alive! No need to fret!

I was at the bus terminal yesterday for 14 hours! FOURTEEN! I was waiting for my new compañera. We didn't know when they were going to arrive because the bus schedules were a little bit off- since it has been raining a lot in here. But anyway, Hermana Steward arrived in Santiago safely :) Shes from....wanna guess where? Shes from Utah! Or as the people here say, "La fabrica de los Mormones" Shes super awesome. I lalalove her already. My first compañera that is not Latina. I want to be like her because shes super awesome!

Hna. Maciel left me for another compañera. jajaja! Shes in another province right now. Time flew by super fast! I miss her so much but I know that a lot of people are waiting for her in her new area. I learned so many things with Hna. Maciel and I know that I will learn more things with Hna. Stewart.

Im a little bit nervous because now I'm handling the area. I dont know if I can handle it well but I know that I am not alone :) Anyway, I'm super excited for this new companionship. Were going to work diligently and see a lot of miracles in the area!

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