Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Weekly Letter #2


Send me pictures on what you guys did this 4th of July! I miss the summer there in Philly! I want to play in the park! hahaha We are freeeeezing cold in here. It has been raining and the weather is just super depressing. I catched a bit of a cold but no worries! I have my inhaler, nebulizer, and medicine to keep me company! 

Well this week we have seen miracles. We were able to baptize 2 souls, Estefania and Jorge! It was a struggle to get Estefania to be baptized. Kasi meron syang epilepsy. Yung memory retention nya eh hindi masyadong magaling. Its easy for her to forget things. Then she was also not keeping one of the commandments so we were battling to keep her on shape to get baptized. But all is well in Zion kasi now shes able to repent and really live the gospel. Si Jorge naman, sya na lang yung nag-iisa na hindi member sa family nya. He didn't even want to get baptized or even think about getting baptized. Pero a month ago we had this lesson so spiritual with him. His mom cried and he felt to spirit so strong! Then he accepted the baptismal date! He attended church without fail for 3 weeks and he even participated in Priesthood meetings. Did I mention that he lives far from church and has to walk to church? YUP. Hes that awesome. His mom is also sick. Like REALLY sick. Pero his mom wants him to get baptized so that they can be together forever like a happy family. so his mom didn't mind the cold weather nor the distance so that his son can be baptized. We asked the Elders to give her a blessing. MAN! Priesthood blessings are legit! It worked to well and she was able to do the things that she used to do! She also can stand alone without help! This family is just so awesome. They invited us to eat with them the day of his baptism and they cooked this super meal to us. It was a humble meal but we can feel that every ingredient and steps were made with love. 

It was just so great to see Estefania and Jorge grow. It wasnt easy. But it was worth it. I feel like they are one of my kids hahaha! Kasi I took care of them, I sacrificed so many things to keep them going, I prayed for them, I cried for them. Man oh man. Missionary work is just so awesome and humbling.

Anyway, this week is the last week of transfers. I will be able to have a new companion. Id still have to talk to president about ending in October tomorrow. We are rushing things right now because we have to travel to the mission office and have a reunion for the leaders. This week is just going to be crazy because of 9th of July. The independence of Argentina! My area will be so crazy because the members said that roads will be blocked. The president of Argentina will be here and even the King of Spain. Like what? Spain has a King? And there are still kings reining? WHUUUUT? But anyway, we just know that it will be crazy. Ill also have the train 3 zones, have divisions with 2 companionship, then organized an activity. yay...... Pray for my soul hahahaha! This week will be hectic! 

I love you all! Keep being awesome! 

Weird question. What do you guys want for me to bring back home? Recuerdos! I cant remember what this word means in English! I AM FORGETTING EVERYTHING! 

PS- The struggle is real. I am seriously an argentine right now.

Weekly Letter #1

Welp. I was praying and meditating. Maybe I really should come back home in October. Its a bit hard to think about it kasi maybe I was just trying to run away from my responsibilities back home hahaha! Kasi the mission life we are only focusing on the problems and life of others. We are fully focused on the job that we are forgetting about our own needs and our own life. Hahaha to be honest kasi I am scared about what is waiting for me back home. Alam ko naman that you guys are there and all. Parang mahirap lang maka-adapt ulit sa surroundings. Ive heard about it with other returned missionaries hahaha. Pero I will have to talk about my mission president about everything. But more than likely I am going back home in October. 2 more transfers and I am back home!