Monday, June 22, 2015


Other than gaining weight, I am gaining so much knowledge in here.

Funny thing that happened this week. We are quite popular in here and this is why. Whenever were walking on the street to visit investigators, we would always hear, "Mami! La Iglesia!" These little kids playing on the street would yell and tell their parents that were here to visit them. Its the funniest thing ever. It happens all the time. Man, it brightens my day so much haha!

We were tracting one day and no one was outside at all. Its like Racoon City. It was dead. Then we finally realized that there was a football game and everyone was watching it. They're super huge in football here like we are with American Football. Brother Huber wasn't lying when he told me that no one will be around the teach haha!

This week has been the best so far. We had like 4 investigators who attended church. Two of them were disabled so they had to get a ride from a member and one of them was in this electric wheelchair so the member had to lift him up and down the whole time from the car to the chapel. Man, the members here are so awesome. I'm so thankful for all of their effort and love for our new investigators. They were all so willing to help and just make them feel so comfortable. Its such a humbling experience.

Also our member here are so protective of us. At night they would accompany us and make sure that we got to our apartment safely. Were super spoiled too because they feed us like so much. The gaaaains!

PS- I finally understand what Brother Debenham (sorry if I butchered your name) was talking about when he was explaining the facturas and Dulce de Leche here in Argentina. Its the best thing ever. I eat them like all the time.

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