Saturday, September 26, 2015

Week of Success!

To be honest, it took me a while to write success because my English, Tagalog, and Castellano are just hurting my head right now. But anyway, My compaƱera and I have been planting and nourishing the vineyard of the Lord here in Santiago. We met 18 new people to teach and they all look promising! Its a little sad because I'm probably going to be in a different area. I'm praying that I'm going to stay here because I just love the people of Cabildo and this area just have some great potential to grow and just stand firm in the gospel. But then I know that there are people in other areas that needs my help. So I'm just going to leave it all to God. He knows where I need to be. 

We were in the bus when we saw one of our tarjeta that we give to people that we talk to on the street! Missionaries are everywhere!

Nothing much happened today. We just worked worked worked! 

Mic drop,
Hermana Garcia
Mision Argentina Salta

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