Monday, September 7, 2015

Pics that didn't make it from the previous entries


Stolen Memories

So well. Satan has been torturing me since like day one in the mish. I think this is the worst of the worst that happened so far. SOMEONE STOLE MY SD CARD LAST MONDAY WHEN I WAS IN THE CYBER PLACE! I have been such a debbie downer the whole week because all of my photos so far in the mish was in that SD card. ALL OF THEM! I have been sooooo careful with my belongings. And some of you know that I freak out when something is missing. Even if its my pen! But anyway, I gotta put my big girl pants on and and stop whining. Satan wants me to be distracted and feel bad. But you know what Satan!? Jokes on you! I am happy because the person who stole my SD card probably needs it more than I do. So its cool. And maybe that person will look through my photos and wonder why I am so happy, why I am with so many different people, and why do I have a name tag that says Hermana Garcia La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias! S/he will be so curious and search about the church and one day will get baptized! SO HA! You got nothing on me!

I learned so many things about this experience. It was hard to get over it- knowing that I am super particular and OCD with my belongings. But prayer works wonders. I was comforted that everything will be alright. Its not the end of the world, you know? And I can make more memories here in the mission field. So all is well in Zion. Plus, my friends in the MTC and my past compaƱeras pretty much have the same photos that I do, so I didn't lose too much pictures :) I am just grateful that I am able to overcome this challenge once again. Satan just works hard to put me down. But jokes on him!

Anyway, on the good note. We have been working a lot of members here in our barrio. We don't have a bishop right now because he have to move for his job. So right now we are looking for another worthy priesthood who can replace him. It looks like it might take a while. But its okay! We are patient and diligent to work as a barrio to help the people in this area to come closer unto Christ! We have amigos fields here. They're awesome! His name is Oscar and he accompany us like 3 times a week and early in the morning too! Then we have Alan too. Hes preparing to go on a mission and has been a mighty mini missionary! So grateful for all of these people who are so excited to do missionary work!

The Holy ghost is the bomb to (sorry for the lack of vocabulary). We met 3 families. THREE! The greatest thing about it is that, we didn't even plan to visit their street or knock on their door. My compaƱera and I just had this feeling that, "oh we have to knock on this door" or "lets walk on this street instead of our usual route". Its just such a great feeling when you listen to the spirit and sees how the Lord helps us find his children who are ready to listen to the gospel. Being a missionary is the best thing ever!

My invitation for all of you out there who are reading this entry is to write in your journal or think about one or two good things that happened to you today. Sure there are a good amount of trials that we face everyday, but there are always some blessings that Heavenly Father gives us every single day. So turn that frown upside down!

With all the love that I can give,
Hermana Garcia 

Baby, its..... SUPER HOT OUTSIDE!

In comes the heat of the sun and goodbye to the cold winter days.

Anyway, when the members were been talking about how lucky I am that I am here during the winter season, I was like, "Whats the big fuss about?" But man oh man! Now I know why! The heat of the sun here is suuuuuper hot! Talk about 112 degrees on a normal day. NORMAL DAY. Like what? They said It can be higher than that too. And to think that were still in the spring season. Whew! Santiago, you never fail to amaze me.

Anyway, this here in the side of the continent, other than being hot, its super cool as well (spiritual wise haha). We recently just had out satellite broadcast multi-stake conference with Uruguay and Paraguay. Elder Cook, Hales, and Rodriguez (of the Seventy) were present and gave their testimony about the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy, missionary work, and matrimony (EEEEK!). The church has really been emphasizing a lot with these three topics

I love Elder Cook´s talk when he said that we should focus on the list that we can do during Sunday and not the list of what we cannot do. He also talked about not judging people who do not have the same lists that we do. We are here to love one another, right? For Elder Hales, I loved when he said the importance of prayers. There are 3 different kinds of prayers that we should do everyday. 1- Personal prayers.2- Companionship Prayers (AKA pray with your husband and wives). and lastly 3- Family Prayers. So I am inviting all of you (whoever is reading this) to focus on the list of what you can do every Sunday (ie. read your scriptures, spend time with your family, etc.) and to not just do your personal prayers but also pray as a couple and as a family! I promise that as you do these things you family will be stronger and will be built in a firm foundation of the gospel :)

Keep stay cool on that side of the continent.

With tons of love,
Hermana Garcia

PS: I super dark right now its not even real. My tan lines are also super funny. I have a watch tan and a ring tan. They call it missionary tan over here hahaha! Also, I have tons of bug bites on my leg. The mosquitoes here are immune to BUG SPRAY!