Monday, December 14, 2015

So I am slightly freaking out right now.

Wanna know why? Sure you do. Well its because I have a daughter! I am training a new missionary right now! Well....tomorrow. I have to pick her up in the mission office. You can't even imagine how much I'm freaking out right now. I lack so many things! How can I train her? My Spanish is not even well polished to begin with. My oh my! Please pray for my little missionary child! But anyway, Heavenly Father have plans for me and this area. I know that my new companion will help me learn more and grow. I am just a little flustered because I barely have 8 months in here! Why so fast! hahahaha But anyway, Ill stop whining now and stop exaggerating things.

I am fasting my emails to all of you because I will Skype with you all soon (well my family hahaha). And I dont have too much time because were going to make empanadas! We gotta hurry or the stores will close down. In the afternoon no one, I mean, NO ONE, is on the streets during 2-5:50 PM here. Siesta is great. But I dont like it when the stores are closed. But anyway, I love Argentina hahaha! But more than anything I love all of you! BYE!

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