Monday, November 30, 2015

"The mosquitos here love the blood of American people."

Well hello there people of the internet! How is it going? I hope all is well where you are at! I am pretty good over this side of the continent. Other than having diarrhea, blood bank of mosquitoes, and getting rejected a lot, all is well hahaha!

Anywaaaaay! Yes, I have diarrhea and I am not ashamed to say it! Im loud (in the bathroom) and I am proud! Will my blog be banned for this? Nah! Hahaha. But anyway, this is my first time getting diarrhea in the mission field. Apparently our water tank is dirty and the owner of the apartment that we are in needs to have someone to clean it. Even though we have a filter for the water that we drink, the water is still a bit dirty and it is making all of us sick. But its pretty hilarious because when someone needs to go to the bathroom were all saying "May the force be with you" or "Exitos!" It has been a pretty hilariously disturbing week hahaha! (Sorry for the details)

Another thing is wow oh wow, the mosquito repellent doesn't work here! My legs looks like connect the dot! Its horrible! But I just made the best out of it. My compañera and I were trying to find constellations or images from the mosquito bites that we had. I have missionary legs right now and its just pretty hilarious. "Them legs though!"

Anyway, we dint have a lot of success this week. We were traveling a lot for Zone and district conferences, conference with Elder Cook, and trips to the clinic for our health problems. It has been a bit of a struggle. But we are starting this campaign about Christmas, since Christmas is like a few nights away, right? It has been working pretty well, but some days not. But we are working all our might to help God build his kingdom here on earth!

Pretty cool thing that I did this week was that I was able to be a translator for someone! We had a good amount of new missionaries that arrived this transfer. Its their first time having zone conferences and it just happens to be conference with our mission President and his wife! Wow, I remembered when it was my first time attending zone conferences, it was overwhelming! Anyway, I was able to help this Elder understand what was going it. It was pretty cool! Poor Elder though because there were times that I thought I was speaking in English but in reality I was talking in Spanish! Pretty hilarious! He was like,"uhmm... Hermana, youre speaking in Spanish." hahaha! I still have a lot to work on with my Spanish speaking abilities but its waaaaay better now than before! Man, I am super grateful for this opportunity to learn how to speak Spanish! It also made me realize that English is a pretty difficult language.... Oh and I am teaching English! Poor students! Pray for them! And for me too! hahaha!

I lalalove you all!
Hermana Garcia

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  1. It's nice to catch up with you on this blog. Sounds like you had a challenging week but you're trying your best to make light of it. Keep it up dear. You're having a spiritual adventure... tough but it will all be memorable. Take care of yourself! I like that last photo... you look lovely!