Monday, June 20, 2016


I don't have too much time since I was in the bus the whole time to travel to my new area. Jujuy is beautiful. For now I don't have any pictures but I will send some next week! So keep in touch! Also for the first time I was able to eat tofu! Fried tofu! Its super rare in here since Argentina is well known for its meat and all. But now I was able to finally eat TOFU! It was golden. I loved it. I haven't been eating pretty healthy in the mish but this Hermana who fed us wants us up and working so healthy food all the way with her! Love it! 

Yup. I got transferred. I am now away from my daughter. She is off on her own to put into practice what we have been studying during our training sesh. Hopefully I was able to help her adapt to the mission field and teach fearlessly. My compaƱera right now is Hermana Johnson. Shes from Chile and I am her stepmom. Well hopefully things will go well with us in here. I don't want to be a wicked stepmom!

Keep sharing your testimony. Remember who you are!
Hermana Garcia 

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