Monday, February 22, 2016

Why did the Lamanites cannot go on a picnic?

Hilarious thing that I encountered this week. 

I found Thor and Loki!!!! 
Naglalakad kami papunta sa church when I saw these two dudes! Nakakatuwa kasi parang si Thor at Loki lang din! Pero medyo malnourished sila hahahaha! 

Mushrooms can grow out of poop. 
My greatest scientific discovery this week was finding out that mushroom really can grow out of anything, even poop! 

A little piece of Heaven. 
Merong mga amish dito na galing sa Pennsylvania. Pero taga Lancaster sila. I am  super close friends with them. They gave me free ice cream! Parang Mr. Softy lang yung type. I forgot to take a photo with them, but I will soon and Ill send it to you! Pero more than anything, they have things from the states! BEEF JERKY. I repeat, THEY HAVE BEEF JERKY! And skittles too but I was more in love with beek jerky. I felt like I was back at home again. It was great. 

But anyway, tell me something about you!  Make a list of what we have to do when I get back home! Movies to watch. Food to eat. Nakooo!! Ang dami ko ng alam lutuin dito. Im super excited for you to try all of it! 

I miss you a lot

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