Monday, June 20, 2016

Great power comes great responsibility. Or something like that...

Well. The day has come to pass. The day that I have been dreading. I was hoping that I am not going to get this calling in the mission but...well... Heavenly Father has bigger plans for me.... I am a sister training leader. 

I was super happy in my area with all of the members starting to work with us. We have been working a lot with future Elders in the branch and we've been getting great feedback from them. Some members too have been teaching with us (some that almost never accompany the missionaries). A lot of members has been giving us referrals too! They have been filling up our lunch calendar too. Like ALL DAYS OF THE WEEK WERE FILLED. Never in my missionary life have I seen members so excited to fill our lunch calendar. It was a great progress. We also talked to our bishop about the things that we wanted to implement in our ward. Like ward family home evening at least 2 times a month, train the home visiting teachers, and work with the presidents of each organizations about visiting that people who didn't attended church every Sunday. It was super great. We have been working a lot and we have been seeing a lot of progress and growth. We have been seeing miracles in our area. My daughter too has been improving so much with leading the area with me and finding new people to teach (because we pretty much started a new in this area with no knowledge of who are the members and the investigators) Its just a perfect area for me. But then my mission president called me and told me that I have to go to Tucuman and become a sister training leader..... my heart got crushed! I only had one transfer in this area and wooosh! BYE BYE HERMANA GARCIA! The stake president told me that I already finished the job that Heavenly Father sent me for. And now I am off to do another errand. Hurts but I know that they are people waiting for me. 

To be honest, I don't even know what I have to do now haha. But I know that I have my companion to help me. I also have time and more opportunities to learn. I also know that God will always be with me so I am not tooooo scared. But please pray for me! hahaha! 

I hope everything is going well over there! I am super stoked for the Philly Temple! Love you all byeee!

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