Monday, June 20, 2016

Update #43

Happy one year to meee! Can you even believe it?! I have a year outside of my house! Away from my family! And I am alive! At times I still wake up like I am in a dream. Like seriously? I am in Argentina? It feels likes I am just a couple of months in the mission. It doesn't feel like a year at all! A family threw this surprise party and let me tell you, it was fabulous! They baked a cake, they made asado, and also ice cream. LOTS OF ICE CREAM! I was rolling back to our apartment when we finished our lunch. It was that awesome. Man, I am just super blessed. I am super happy. But I gotta share this happiness to everyone, you know! So we went out and serched for souls! And with my hyper attitude, we were able to find a couple of people to teach. I realized that if you have a positive perspective on things, positive things will happen as well. Sure there are things that will not turn out well but press forward, do what you can, and God will always help us to do the rest.

But anyway, things has been pretty difficult in this side of the world. We have been battling to find people to teach. But we have been working a lot with the members and its has been going pretty well :) Working with members are super fun too because I can  also see their testimony grow as they share what they learned :)

We also went to Purmamarca last week. It was amazing in there. The hills have like 7 different colors. Ooh creaciones del SeƱor! But that also meant that I got burned pretty well. So hello again dark hermana garcia! hahaha

I lalalove the conference too! I particularly love Elder Hollands talk (like always haha) and Elder Christoperson, oh and President Monson too!

Tell me what you loved about the conference!

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