Monday, August 8, 2016

Update #52

This week has been super chill but at the same time, it has been super hectic. I just love my area. Seriously. I am super spoiled here hahaha! For this reason I feel like I'm going to get transferred haha! I am enjoying my time with my companion and we are also working hard helping our brothers los argentinos in here. One of our investigators has been progressing so much. He read gospels principles so that he can participate more in class. LIKEWUT? Hes a rock star! One of our part member family too has been a little more receptive and slowly but surely things has been a bit more promising. So anyway, my district has been working a lot about our spiritual power. Like we promised ourselves that we will keep focusing about searching, teaching, and baptizing. So we said that we are not going to think about how many weeks left we have or marriage. HAHAHA! (Half of my district are on our way home and half are already engaged. welp there we go hahaha!) Sooooooo..... please please please please! I don't want to get trunky emails! hahahha! 

I love you all byeeee!

We went to Tafi del Valle. It's super gorgeous in there. Stress-free zone. Just what I needed.

My companion and I slept in our porch. It was amazing. Though we were freezing cold later on that night. It. Was. Worth. It.

We ate Domino's Pizzas. This family lived at California back then and they learned how to make bbq chicken. I was heaven.


  1. That seems super cool!! Is there a subscription???

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