Monday, August 8, 2016

Sister Smiles :)

I do not know how I am still alive and full of energy. Miracles really do happen hahaha! Week 6 was just the most stressful, tiring, and wow. I am just happy that everything is done. 

Welp. Anyway, this is week 1 of our transfer. I have a new companion! Her name is Hermana Smith. Of course she's from Utah. I was joking that shes a direct descendant of Joseph Smith. It would be pretty cool if she is, right? I do not know her yet because shes going to arrive here in my area at night. The travel time is like 8 hours from her area to my area. Yup. We travel A LOT. But anyway, I am pretty nervous because I have to train her. Man, I just live training people. I talked to my mission President about it and I asked, "President, why do I always have companions like this? Not that I am whining. Lets get that straight. I just wanted to know, hahaha!" Then he said, "Because Hermana Garcia, you have the energy and the character to do so." Welp. There we go. Short and sweet. 

The members in my ward also have a nickname for me. La Hermana Sonrisa. Sister Smiles hahaha! Still living up to my nickname. SmileyPauline all the waaaaay!  

So anyway, this week was just so hectic. I wasn't in my area for almost the whole week because we were traveling to train other zones then have divisions with our sister missionaries. It was pretty tough. I felt so bad for our investigators because we haven't seen them at all! But yesterday we were able to see Jorge. Oh my. He is honestly the bestest. He started reading the Book of Mormon! He said that he liked reading the testimony of Joseph Smith! We left him to read Enos. I know that he will like this chapter too :) Also man, he is so different now. Different from the Jorge that we know when we first started teaching him. But not only him, his whole family too! His mom looked so healthy! All of them just have a brighter light. Right now we are working so that Jorge can be a worthy Priesthood holder :) 

Hmmm.... what else can I say? OH! Well, I have been eating Locro the whole week. Its a typical food here in Argentina. But more than likely Tucuman in general. I LOVE LOCRO. Its a weird kind of dish because it has cow stomach and all the fun. Its like Kare-Kare in tagalog. Like squash soup but with the goodies of cow organs ;) Sounds great, right? I am not even being sarcastic. I love it so much. We had an activity in church during 9th of July and the whole ward cooked this big bucket of Locro (I will send photos next week!). Then Hermana Garcia sin verguenza, (my other nickname of the ward hahaha) I brought my own tupperware so that I can bring some at home hahahah! My companion doesn't really like Locro so just more food for meee hahahaha! 

Even though this week has been hectic, it was pretty fun. The zone leaders in my areas were like, Hermanas are you even working in your area? What do you do in your life? LIKEWHUT. Hahaha :) 

I love you all. The mission life is great! So grateful for this opportunity! Pray for my new companion! We are in a big area and shes blonde so... well.... we are probably going to get robbed soon haha! KIDDING MOM! All is well in tierra de Gadianton!

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