Monday, August 8, 2016

Dont start the countdown.

Miracles that I saw this week: 
1. My companion and I got lost. Like so lost that we were outside of our area and in this sketchy place. We were trying to visit this family that lives outside of our area (long story) and we took the bus to get there. We were so proud that we got on the right bus but we failed at getting off in the right place. Its hilarious to think about it right now but we were so scared! But anyway, we are so blessed because there were people who helped us get on the right bus and the right track. The bus dude even helped us where to go. He dropped us where we should've been! Prayers are powerful, people. You just gotta have some faith and ask!
2. President`s revelations! Did I even mention how awesome my companion is? Well then, she is. She's just what I needed the most in my stressful season of the missionary life. I just got used to being the psychologist of the hermanas in my zone that I didn't even realize that I have been keeping a bottle inside me. Hermana Smith helped me a lot to just be truly happy and calm. Way to go President Chaparro!
3. The Sacrament. Well funny story. My companion and I live at the 8th floor. There were flyers at the ground floor where we can order delivery. So we did. Our food came exactly at 10:15 PM. We gotta sleep at 11 PM. So we ate like a whole bunch of fried potatoes and milanesas with green olives and melted cheese. It was awesome. But it was not awesome to wake up in the morning with a stomach ache and vomits (horrible image, I'm sorry. Rated PG please). But the next day was Sunday and we were like, noooo. NOOO! So we went to church sick. But right when we ate the bread and water, WOOOSH! We instantly got better. The power of the sacrament is legit! - sorry for my lack of vocabulary. I don't know how I can explain it even better hahaha! 

This week has been superb! My companion, Hermana Smith, is awesome. We were joking that we're like a married couple because we just gotta do everything together. (Its obvious since we have to stay together like companions, but you get what I am trying to say hahaha!) We just recently finished eating at this fancy place (fancy for Argentina) and my oh my it has been a while since I ate a good stake. Medium rare with melted cheese, bacon bits, and mushrooms. It was heaven. It was a bit awkward at first because I am just not used to eating at restaurants hahaha! But we just gotta treat ourselves sometimes, you know? 

At the mission office!

We made an Argentina t-shirts as a zone. It is wicked!

San Miguel Tucuman!

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