Monday, February 22, 2016

I am Alive!

I'm okay! I'm alive! All is well in Zion. I feel a little bad because it has been a good amount of time that I haven't wrote to all of you! Also my fans back home who are reading this right now. HAHAHA! Kidding! But anyway, life as a missionary has been great. There are up days and down days. Being an entrenadora has its difficult and happy days as well. Sometimes I wonder if I am helping her learn more and adapt to the missionary life. But to be really honest, shes helping me a whole lot (more than I am helping her, I think haha)! She have so many Christ-like attributes and shes helping me develop mines. I love being a trainer! But anyway, what has been going on in the life of Hermana Garcia in Argentina? A LOT!

So right now I am halfway through my mission. Though I feel like it was just a week ago when I landed here. I could still remember just smiling and saying "Si" to everyone that I talk to. Now they just cant make me shut up! hahahaha It has been pretty funny as well because right now during language study with my compaƱera, I have to speak English to her. Its pretty difficult because I have been saying como, pero, porque, and other small words in Spanish. I am also forgetting how to say something in English. The gift of tongues is legit.

But more than anything, I am learning so many things about the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ. I am able to learn and grow too by sharing my testimony and helping my brothers and sisters here gain knowledge about Heavenly Father´s plan for us. It has been a pretty good battle against the world but with diligently seeking, strong faith, and confidence in our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, everything is possible. I know that its a bit like a broken record that's saying the same thing over and over again but its true. I experienced it myself and I am happy that I had the courage to go out here and help God build his kingdom here in Argentina. There are a lot more things to do, but little by little, things are starting.

One of the things that I miss the most would probably attending the temple. I am super stoked for the Philly Temple! Coming soon! Send me pictures! I am took for granted going to the temple when I was still there back home. People in my branch had to travel 18 hours by bus to get to the temple! They are our modern Pioneers! They sacrifice so many things too because they have to stay in Buenos Aires for a week! That's a lot of money and time spent. But what I liked so much about it is that one member told me, "We can gain the money again from the help and blessings of our Heavenly Father. We are not too concerned about that." They have such great faith and confidence! Such a great example to me! I always get choked up talking about temples. But I miss going to the temple so bad. And right now I have a temple like 10 minutes away from my house in Philly! What a great blessing and privilege that we have!

So I invite all of you to count your blessings and serve our brothers and sisters who didn't have the opportunity to receive the gospel here on Earth! Keep sharing your testimony, I love you all!

With all the love that I can give,
Hermana Garcia

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  1. It's great to read your update. You sound as though you've grown tremendously... more awesome than ever. You're on an adventure of a lifetime. Keep up the great work and keep safe! Love, Sister Bryant