Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Missionary Training Center

Como esta?! I am alive and well here in the MTC. My first day here was such a rollercoaster ride! Everything is in Spanish here. EVERYTHING. Well, until we get out of class and we just speak Spanglish. We also eat a lot in here. It's like a buffet but I'm starting to miss my momma's cooking. We had some ups and down experiences here. Like yesterday I cried because I was so frustrated with myself. Taking spanish class for 4 years was nothing with the Spanish that we need to learn here. It helped but not enough to speak to the Argentinians. 

BUUUUUT! In a lighter news, I am the Senior companion and the Sister Training MIssionary! I don't know why I was called after the first two days that I got here but I am thankful because I was able to improve and develop my Christ-like attributes. It's not a big responsibility but it's such a great opportunity to learn and grow.

Oh! BTW, our first Sunday here we were able to watch the BYU Men's Choir and I was able to see MASH hubs David Hymas! It was such a nice feeling to finally see a familiar face haha! They did great and I was so happy to feel the spirit as they sang! I'm also in the MTC Choir! But I wasn't able to sing with them during out devotional night because I was asked to give the opening prayer. 
Sorry this is short, we just have so much to do and I'm still horrible at managing my time! I'm trying and still learning though!
Lalalove you all a lot, 
Hermana Garcia
District 21B

Half of our zone when we went to the Provo Temple

My name tag

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