Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Breathtakingly Beautiful Utah


So for the past two days, I have been staying in Sister White's house. I am like her adopted daughter! Her family is so awesome and I am so blessed that I had the chance to get to know them well. Sister White and I visited the temple and she helped me shop for more things that I may need inside the MTC. Alicia, Jenny, and I get to hang out and make cookies. I was also able to make egg rolls for dinner tonight! I am happy that it was a success. They seriously are the best and I just love them a lot! Even Emma, their sweet playful little dog!

Some of you might hate me for saying this but Utah just seriously stole my heart. I wish I can show you some pictures of how beautiful Utah really is but I am not tech savvy and I do not know how to operate the camera to the computer #loser. But even if I do have some pictures to show, it will not do justice on how beautiful Utah really is. You just have to be here and see, you know?

I am still getting used to introducing myself as Sister Garcia than saying Pauline or Smiley. One of the kids that I talked to said, "But she's a girl and she forgot her name tag, mom!" Still laughing inside when I remember it.

Tomorrow will be there real deal. They are driving me to Provo and we're going to tour BYU for a little while and then BAM! I will be in full missionary training mode. I will get my name tag (which I am really excited for) and get to meet my first ever companion! Super excited but nervous about tomorrow but I am loving it! Wish me luck!

Keeping all of you in my prayers.

Lots of love,
Sister Garcia

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