Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Weekly Letter #1

Welp. I was praying and meditating. Maybe I really should come back home in October. Its a bit hard to think about it kasi maybe I was just trying to run away from my responsibilities back home hahaha! Kasi the mission life we are only focusing on the problems and life of others. We are fully focused on the job that we are forgetting about our own needs and our own life. Hahaha to be honest kasi I am scared about what is waiting for me back home. Alam ko naman that you guys are there and all. Parang mahirap lang maka-adapt ulit sa surroundings. Ive heard about it with other returned missionaries hahaha. Pero I will have to talk about my mission president about everything. But more than likely I am going back home in October. 2 more transfers and I am back home!

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